The world’s safest backpack

A successful Kickstarter project

The Vandra Backpack project was successfully funded on Kickstarter December 22th when the campaign had been live for less than a week. Vandra has now been shipped to hundreds of happy backers all over the world.

Not just safe safe, 

It’s safe in many ways

Two different compartments seperates your office gadgets from your sports gear.

Air cussions placed inside the office compartment protects your laptop from drops.

Water repellent fabric protects your belongings when it’s raining.

The design of the openings and the hidden pockets makes it impossible for pickpockets to access your valuables.

Work out before going to work – bring only Vandra

The front compartment of the Vandra backpack is designed in a way that makes it possible to keep wet towels and dirty sports clothes from your office gadgets such as documents and laptops.

Ergonomics are important

Constructed for a pleasant wearing experience.


A waist strap distributes the weight of your belongings from your shoulders to your whole torso which will help to straighten your posture.

Weight balance system

The construction of the bag contributes to a greater balance of the weight of your belongings. Heavier items such as books and laptop will be put in the office compartment pushing the heavy items closer to your back.

Extra soft pads

The pads attached to the back of Vandra and on the straps is filled with extra padding, just to make sure the wearing experience is extra pleasant.

$115.00 Add to cart

$115.00 Add to cart

$115.00 Add to cart


How many litres can Vandra hold?

Vandra holds approximately 20 litres.

What's the difference between Vandra Limited edition and Vandra Original?

The difference is basically the different colors of the two versions. Vandra Limited edition has a ribbon with the color combination light blue and white, while Vandra Original has a combination of blue and yellow. The lining of Vandra Limited edition is light blue, while on Vandra Original it’s turqouise. The base color is still the same – black.

Is there a powerbank included with the backpack?

No, there is no powerbank included. Vandra support all (USB) powerbanks on the market. The backpack is delivered with a USB cable inside the office compartment to connect to your laptop or powerbank to power the external USB port. In this way you can easily change/upgrade the powerbank to new models as Vandra will last for years!

What's the different colors of Vandra?

  • Vandra Original: Base: Blackblue / Lining: Turqouise / Ribbon: Blue-Yellow-Blue
  • Vandra Grey: Base: Grey / Lining: Light Blue / Ribbon: Blue-White-Blue
  • Vandra Limited: Base: Blackblue / Lining: Light Blue / Ribbon: Blue-White-Blue