The Vandra Collection

Vandra Backpack by Casten Design – Swedish, Safe & Smart ! Vandra backpack is designed to act as your personal assistant in your everyday life. Vandra keeps your gear neatly organized, make it easy to charge your gadgets on the go and helps you to keep your belongings safe.

Gustaf Casten, the founder of Casten Design, has had the idea for Vandra after he dropped his backpack and broke his laptop. Vandra have unique features such as alternate design from backpack to sling backpack, separate compartments for sports and office, weight balance and the anti-shock cushion that protects your gadgets (click the link to download Vandra User Guide). Gustaf likes to relax in the gym or on the hiking trails after long days in the office. He was determined to create a better backpack:

“- We created Vandra with the vision to make life easier and to keep your things safe”
Vandra is 100% tech ready and redefines the word “Smart backpack”.

Vandra Limited Edition

Backpack,Black Backpack

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Vandra Original

Vandra Backpack.Swedish, Safe & Smart Backpack.We offer smart Backpacks,Backpacks for men ,Backpacks for women,backpack laptop,black backpack.

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Vandra Grey Edition

Grey Backpacks

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