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Vandra Plus Limited



Vandra Backpack.Swedish, Safe & Smart Backpack.We offer smart Backpacks,Backpacks for men ,Backpacks for women,backpack laptop,black backpack.

Work out before going to work – bring only Vandra

The front compartment of the Vandra backpack is designed in a way that makes it possible to keep wet towels and dirty sports clothes from your office gadgets such as documents and laptops.

Two different compartments seperates your office gadgets from your sports gear.

Air cussions placed inside the office compartment protects your laptop from drops.

Water repellent fabric protects your belongings when it’s raining.
The design of the openings and the hidden pockets makes it impossible for pickpockets to access your valuables.

A waist strap distributes the weight of your belongings from your shoulders to your whole torso which will help to straighten your posture.

Weight balance system

The construction of the bag contributes to a greater balance of the weight of your belongings. Heavier items such as books and laptop will be put in the office compartment pushing the heavy items closer to your back.

Extra soft pads

The pads attached to the back of Vandra and on the straps is filled with extra padding, just to make sure the wearing experience is extra pleasant.


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